Submitting a Paper

We are happy to consider contributions from anyone who has something to say, whether they are a graduate student or not. Just to start you thinking, here are some suggestions for the types of contributions we’re seeking:

Of course, we’re interested in thesis-derived work, provided that the length of the article does not exceed 5 000 words. All research articles submitted to assemblage are subject to a double-blind peer review.

Are you doing a TAG paper or other conference paper this summer? Why not write it up formally for us, too? The peer review process may give you valuable feedback on your work.

Do you disagree irreconcilably with someone in your department on an archaeological issue? Why not write together? Instead of pistols at 20 paces, try opposing essays of 2000 words each, and we’ll let the readers decide. (For that matter, if you would like to write together with someone with whom you agree, that’s fine too.)

We’ll happily take articles in the style of investigative journalism, on issues pertaining to archaeology and to graduate students. Political commentaries on archaeology- or education-related topics are welcome.

We accept reviews, not only of books, but also of museums and conferences – if it interests you enough to write a careful review of it, we’re interested too.

For formatting guidelines, see our Article Template or Reviews Template

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